The Anti-Viral Video Strategy

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Tim Goodell

It’s Not as Simple as One-And-Done

When brands of any size first enter the video marketing arena, the golden phrase that the CEO’s tend to repeat most often is “viral video”

The good news is that, yes, if your brand is successful in creating a viral video, it will turn your organization into an unstoppable juggernaut with the momentum of a charging rhino.  But the bad news is that creating a viral video is about as likely as winning 26 billion dollars in the lottery. And if you can do that, then you don’t really even need to sell your brand. 

If your only plan is to devote your time and your resources to a viral video effort, you’re likely to fail. But, before you give up on video content, behold the alternative: Hero, Hub, and Hygiene Content. Each type of video performs well enough on its own, but when combined as an ongoing strategy and given the time to grow, these videos can outperform even the most infectious of all viral videos.


Hero content is loud and proud and builds brand awareness, like a signal light summoning a superhero. This is what you might call the “really good video” that channels momentum into awareness and effectively communicates your brand to the unaware audience. It may tug on the heartstrings or form a connection with the audience, or it may promote an event or celebrate a local success. This is how a viral video is born; content that falls under this category is the most likely to be shared. But don’t put all your eggs in the “viral” basket! Focus on creating great content, and let the audience decide if it deserves to be shared. 

Example: Will you ever forget who was responsible for the epic space jump of Felix Baumgartner? This is Red Bull’s “hero” video!


Hub content is the champion of the every day. Whether your hero content goes viral or not, hub content continues to lean on your existing audience. Hub content isn’t built to go viral, nor should it be. Instead, hub content is shared frequently and with reliable simplicity. Hub content is the most likely to solicit audience interaction and get new insight into how your audience thinks. Think of it a gentle and constant reminder that you are there and that your presence and service packages benefit them.

Example: GoPro is the master of Hub Content. Practically every week there is a new video featuring GoPro’s users and how they have put the GoPro cameras to new and creative uses. A gentle but constant reminder that you can do things with GoPros that you can’t do with any other cameras.


Hygiene content is content created to respond to a problem, question, concern or pain point. Similar to how you might reach out to a dentist if you have a toothache, your audience is unknowingly reaching for hygiene content when they offer their problems to the company ear. Seizing this opportunity to create hygiene content not only builds trust in your brand, but also prompts your satisfied customers to share your content and continue growing your audience.

Example: Can you think of people in your circle who have problems similar to the ones depicted in this commercial? Most of us can! This is a great way of addressing a pain point that multiple clients share; therefore, perfect hygiene content!

With these powerful types of content working in tandem, you can’t possibly be outdone by a viral video, and you needn’t risk the investment with an unnecessary gamble. If Hero, Hub, and Hygeine content is still in any way confusing to you, we’re here to help! Call our office at 410.853.7892 or send us an email via, and let us help you get started on video marketing today!

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