Our Studio Workflow

The only way to make the process of developing quality video content both quick and affordable is to provide an efficient and repeatable workflow.


We can execute a strategy you've already devised, or we can help you develop one. If you already have a very focused video that is not part of achieving a larger overall goal, you can move straight to Step Two.

If you don’t have a documented strategy, you need one. Don’t just guess which types of videos might serve you best. Let us help you set goals, develop a plan, and map the right types of video content based on your particular business, audience, and product/service offering.

Our Strategy Offering Includes:

  • Consultation Meeting / Pre-Production Planning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Competitor Video Marketing Analysis
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Development of Longterm Video Marketing Strategy
  • Video Hosting and Landing Page Development
  • Ongoing Assessment and Measurement


Recording you on video to convey your message to your audience.

Getting your message, information, or presentation recorded on camera the right way requires planning and direction. We make this process fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Our Capture Process Includes:

  • Pre-Production Discussion
  • Consolidation of Logo and Additional Creative Assets
  • Basic Make-up / Foundation (if needed)
  • Loading Script into Teleprompter (if needed)
  • Viewing Area for Monitoring Live Capture
  • Proofing Captured Footage to Select Best Clips

Post Production

Transforming raw footage into powerful video content.

We use graphic elements, royalty-free music, color adjustments and beautification techniques to enhance your message and to help you create truly impactful videos.

Our Post-Production Services Include:

  • Basic Cuts, Dissolves, and On-Screen Text
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Motion Graphic Design & Sync
  • Footage Enhancement and Beautification
  • Green Screen Keying & Compositing
  • PowerPoint Conversion and Sync
  • Custom Lower Third/Speaker ID Graphic
  • Custom Logo Animations


We proof your finished video with you and electronically deliver it in whatever format you need!

Render Studio removes the guesswork for you, correctly encodes your finished video at its maximum quality, and uploads your video onto the platform of your choosing ( YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia, Etc. ). We will also provide a download link for you to obtain and store your finished video locally on your computer. In some cases, your video will be waiting for you on the web by the time you arrive home from your studio shoot!

Our Delivery Services Include:

  • Electronic Proofing via private Web-Link
  • Video Encoding - 1080p or 720p .mp4, .mov, .wmv
  • Upload to Video Platform
  • Download Link Delivery of Master File