Working With Our Studio

We’ve developed a 6-step process that makes working with Render Perfect for your studio shoot both quick and easy, from scheduling your video shoot all the way through delivery.


First, you’ll call us or contact us via email to brief us on your project and set-up a consultation.


We’ll schedule a consultation call to discuss and determine the scope of your project, and provide you with a estimate of cost to produce your video.


Following the consultation, you’ll contact us and let us know you’re ready to go, and we’ll schedule time for your shoot. At this time we’ll also send you an email with instructions to help you prepare, and provide us with all the information we’ll need prior to your arriving at our studio.


When you arrive for your shoot, we will discuss your project, your goals, and your scope again with you before we capture your video.


Following your shoot, we’ll get to work assembling and polishing your video edit. We’ll add any music and graphics necessary and send you a proofing link to review your finished video. If we need to make any adjustments based on your feedback, we’ll do so.


Once you have approved your video, we’ll deliver the master files to you and/or upload them directly to the platform of your choice.

Call To Action

At Render Perfect, we understand what it takes to make good video content. We assist and guide our clients through the process of developing their ideas into powerful visual communications. Contact us today to get your project started. We look forward to working with you and your business.

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